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Absence / Student Leave


When your child is absent from school the school must be notified. You can do this either by:


  1. Emailing (from the email we have on file) absences@oc.school.nz OR
  2. Orewa College App (free to download) OR
  3. Leave a message on the absentee line. Please state your name, your child's name and class and reason for their absence. You will still need to follow up with a written note or email.


If you email a teacher, please also copy in absences@oc.school.nz so we can ensure the attendance is marked as soon as possible. If the absence is three days or more a medical certificate may be requested.


If you have not reported your child's absence either before or on the morning of their absence, we will send a text message to the first primary caregivers cell phone.


If a student's absence is still not explained, the Form teacher will ask the student to get a note / email from home. If this does not happen, the absence will be treated and reported to the Ministry of Education as truancy and consequences will be considered for the student.



Caregivers are asked to plan holidays during school holidays, not during Term time as students learn best in an environment where discussion and explanation can occur.


If you know your student is going to be taking leave from school for any reason, please email this information to absences@oc.school.nz. Please include the reason for the leave, the last day your child will be at school and the day they will return to school.


We will put a yellow form in the form class registers to be given to your child. They will need to take this to their teachers to sign and to discuss work that may be due around that time. Please note that they may not be eligible for any assessments held during their absence.



Students arriving late must get a pass from Student Reception. A signed note or email to pass@oc.school.nz will be required (from the caregiver email address).


Leaving during the school day - Please organise this in advance where possible by email. Please include what the pass is required for (Dentist appointment, etc) and what time the student needs to leave school and how long you predict they will be away.


Advanced notification saves time and disruption as we can get your child their pass in their form class without the need to interrupt classes.


If you need to arrange someone other than a listed caregiver to collect your child (eg. in an emergency), you must do this in advance by phoning us. They will be required to show identification.


Please email pass@oc.school.nz and a pass will be prepared and given to the Form teacher to give to your child the following day. If the pass is required for that day, please email pass@oc.school.nz and ask your child to collect their pass from Student Reception during break times or before / after school. Students need to sign back in at Student Reception if they return from their leave during the school day.



Students who become sick, or injured during school hours, must report to the Health Centre.


Only when a parent or caregiver has been contacted by the Nurse or other staff will the student be released. Students are NOT to text parents / caregivers to collect them from school without following the correct procedures. We appreciate caregiver cooperation with this procedure so we can ensure the safety of all our students.