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Communication With Home

Our main form of communication is done by email. It is essential you advise us if your email address changes. You can check the details we have for you on the Web Portal.


School wide information is available on our website: orewa.school.nz.


We recommend that you and your children get the free Orewa College APP which is particularly useful for reporting absences and for new students by giving them access to a school site map.


As part of developing our students self-management skills, we have an expectation that students will share information with their caregivers. Caregivers have access to detailed information on the Web Portal, this includes but is not limited to timetables, attendance, results and reports. Class information is available on Google Classroom. Login details will be emailed to you once your child starts Orewa College.


Reinforcing the importance of self management, caregivers are not necessarily informed of every incident that happens at school, but if you have any concerns, please contact the Dean of your students year level.


Communications with students


Each subject teacher may communicate with students in different ways. The main way the school will communicate with students is through daily notices (view on the App) for general information and by their school email for information specific to them. Their school email address is their student ID number followed by orewa.ac.nz (eg. 12345@orewa.ac.nz).