Orewa College Brings Culture Through House System

Orewa College school wide operates five major House groups, all named in honour and after famous New Zealanders:


  • Blake House         - Sir Peter Blake (01.10.1948 - 06.12.2001
  • Sheppard House - Kate Sheppard (10.03.1847 - 13.07.1934)
  • Nepia House        - George Nepia (25.04.1905 - 27.06.1986)
  • Batten House       - Jean Batten (15.09.1909 - 22.11.1982)
  • McLaren House   - Bruce McLaren (30.08.1937 - 02.06.1970) 


The Houses were created to provide a sense of belonging for Orewa College students where they can be part of a wider group with Year 7 to 13 students from across the school to participate, compete and celebrate in diverse cultural activities within the college environment.


House Colours:


Batten          :          Blue

Blake           :          Red

McLaren      :          Black

Nepia           :         Green

Sheppard     :         Gold


The aims of the House System are to increasingly develop and promote:


  • Growth of school and student spirit and identity
  • Positive, supportive, social and emotional environment for all students
  • Interaction and positive role models between year levels
  • Leadership opportunities for senior students and aspiring middle school students

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