School Based Activities

These activities may be seasonal or run on particular terms.

Some of these activities are only available for specific year levels.

40 Hour Famine Equestrian Science Group
After School Club Geek Club Science Competition
Amnesty International Golf Soap Box Derby
Athletics Guitar Senior Play
Aussie Rules Guitar Groups Senior Production
Badminton Gymnastics Snowboarding
Band Camp Middle School Production Soccer
Band Jazz Mountain Biking Softball
Band Middle School Hockey Spanish Club
Barbershop House Monitors Special Olympics
Basketball International Festival Spelling Competition
Bowls Kapa Haka Squash
Brain Bee Challenge Kids' Lit Quiz Stage Challenge
BP Challenge Library Monitor Stage Lighting and Sound
Cheerleading Mathex String Group
Chess Club Maths Competition Student Council
Choir Middle School Meridian Surfing
Climbing Motorcross Swimming Year 7 & 8
Computer Club Mountain Biking Table Tennis
Computer Skills Competition Multisport Tennis
Concert Band Netball Top Team
Cricket Orienteering Touch Senior
Cross Country Orchestra Trampolining
Dance Origami Club Trees for Survival
Debating Ra Awhi Orewa Volleyball
Duke of Edinburgh Rugby Woodwind Trio
Economic Challenge Rugby League Writing Groups
English Competition Saxophone Ensemble Writing Competition
Environmental Group Student Newspaper Yachting

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