International Students

Homestay Accommodation in Orewa

At Orewa College all international students are placed in homestay accommodation. The only exceptions are those living with a parent or approved Designated Caregiver.

In accordance with the Education Code of Practice, all host families are police checked and the homes assessed by the International Dean prior to placement of students. 

Visits are made twice a year to families hosting International Students and the International Dean meets with students at least four times during the year to assess their homestay placement.


   View of Whangaparaoa Peninsula View of Orewa from Host Family home           A Kiwi barbeque experience
           Dining room with a view            Inside a host family home       Student bedroom & study area
                Houses in Orewa      Roast NZ Lamb and Vegetables       Typical host family with children


Accommodation Policy for International Students

Orewa College undertakes to comply with the accommodation provisions set out in Part 6 of the Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The categories of accommodation that will be accepted by the school are:
  • Living with a parent or legal guardian (evidence of legal guardianship must be provided)
  • Living with a designated caregiver
  • Living in a homestay
  • Temporary accommodation for group students and short courses only
  • To provide a suitable living environment conducive to study and a safe and supportive home life
  • To involve the residential carer in the welfare of a student away from the student's family and home country
  • To assist the student to successfully integrate into the New Zealand lifestyle
  • To work towards the Overseas parents' peace of mind, knowing that the student is well cared for and happy in New Zealand
Orewa College will arrange accommodation for International Students
Orewa College makes use replica watches uk of an accommodation agent to organise and monitor student accommodation according to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.