International Students


  1. Students will not be permitted to rent a flat/room/house/apartment or live on their own.
  2. All accommodation queries and issues will be dealt with initially by the designated person/unit for accommodation.  
  3. Pastoral care issues or concerns arising from accommodation arrangements will be referred to the appropriate pastoral care person/unit.
  4. For each student, the full name, current address, contact phone number, occupation and relationship to student of the residential caregiver will be held.
  5. Any serious concerns relating to accommodation will be reported to the Education Code Administrator.



Students Living with a Parent or Legal Guardian

Parents will sign a Contract with the College, acknowledging that if they leave the country without notifying the school, their child's position at Orewa College would be jeopardised



  1. Students in the school homestay programme must make homestay payments in advance at the beginning of each term or by private arrangement.
  2. Students must not make their own private homestay arrangements.
  3. Students staying in a homestay are required to exhibit appropriate behaviour.
  4. Where a student’s behaviour or demands are such that homestay hosts can not reasonably be expected to have the student continue in their care, the homestay service may be discontinued and the enrolment reassessed.
  5. Where the homestay student wishes to withdraw from the programme, at least two weeks notice must be given to the International Dean.
  6. Advice and a support infrastructure for homestay carers will be provided by the Accommodation Agent and through liaison with the Dean of International Students.



Designated Caregivers

  1. Parents of each student living with a designated caregiver are required to sign an indemnity document stating that the designated caregiver is a relative or close family friend and that the parents have selected the accommodation for their child, subject to Orewa College approving the accommodation.
  2. On or before enrolment, Orewa College will meet and establish communication with the designated caregiver.
  3. The relationship between the designated caregiver and student’s parents will be checked to confirm that they are a bona fide relative or parent’s friend
  4. In the event of the approved Designated Caregiver no longer being able to care for the student a substitute may be nominated by the parents subject to the Principal’s approval. Orewa College reserves the right to place the student in school approved homestay accommodation. The parents would be required to pay any expenses incurred.
  5. An agreement must be signed between Orewa College and the Designated Caregiver.



Students not living with a Parent - either living in the Homestay Programme or with a Designated Caregiver)

For all students under 18 years and not living with a parent -any accommodation to be used by international students will have:

  1. An on-site assessment to determine that living conditions are of an acceptable standard.
  2. An assessment to determine that the accommodation type is not a boarding establishment, if the student is in a homestay or has a designated caregiver.
  3. An assessment of the residential carer’s suitability and whether they will provide a safe physical and emotional environment.


Each student will be interviewed at least quarterly to ensure that their accommodation is suitable.

All accommodation residences will be visited at least twice yearly to ensure that they remain suitable.

Police vetting will be carried out on all adults aged 18 years and over living in a homestay, boarding establishment or designated caregiver accommodation used by a student.

Orewa College will conduct follow up visits if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the accommodation has become unsuitable.


Temporary Accommodation

  1. Ensure adequate supervision
  2. Assess suitability of accommodation
  3. Monitoring and managing risks to students
  4. Adults aged 18 years and over police vetted



Divisions of Responsibility

Orewa College will be responsible for:

  • Vetting and appointing the Accommodation Agent
  • Monitoring the activities of any Accommodation Agents at least once a quarter
  • Keeping records of the results of all accommodation assessments
  • Recording the results of all quarterly student interviews
  • Providing a 24/7 emergency contact person for probems of any nature
  • Liaising with Host Families where appropriate



Accommodation Agent

The Accommodation Agent is assigned the range of responsibilities by Orewa College as set out in the Accommodation Agent's Agreement.


Orewa College expects all residential caregivers to:


Provide a safe and friendly living and studying environment

Provide day to day care including:

  • 3 meals per day and access to snacks
  • Own room
  • Bed and Bedding
  • Study Desk and Chair
  • Adequate bedroom furniture to store clothes, books, etc
  • Lamp and adequate lighting
  • Adequate heating
  • Assist with transport arrangements to and from school as appropriate
  • Bathing/showering/bathroom access
  • Laundry


The caregivers are expected to:

  • Treat the student with respect
  • Make the student feel comfortable and part of the family
  • Notify the school if there are any changes or additions to the household
  • Notify the school immediately if there are any problems with the student, eg a medical condition, misconduct
  • Notify the school immediately if the student seems very homesick or depressed
  • Look after the student in their home to the best of their ability


Host families are not expected to:

  • Provide an internet connection for the student
  • Pay for toll or mobile phone calls
  • Cook special food
  • Insure the student's goods or pay for property the student damages or loses
  • Offer accommodation to visiting friends or relatives
  • Comply with unreasonable requests



The Accommodation Policy will be reviewed annually.