Middle School Graduation

To provide an achievable goal and motivation for Middle School students we have a formal Graduation from the Middle School into the Senior School at the end of Year 10.


We expect all students will achieve the required attributes as they progress through the College. All students should be able to graduate irrespective of their academic ability.


The graduation criteria will include Knowledge and Skills; and Self Management.


Students who do not reach the required criteria may not graduate into the Senior School and will repeat Year 10.

Senior Graduation

Senior Prizegiving

Although not all students complete Level 3 qualifications, those who complete Year 13 and demonstrate the attributes as defined by our school vision will be acknowledged for demonstrating the ability to be responsible, independent, confident, proud, well-balanced and motivated young adults.


They are acknowledged in our Senior Graduation ceremony as part of our academic prizegiving at the completion of their final year.