Stationery & Course Costs 2017

Orewa College and OfficeMax have partnered together to make shopping for your Back to School stationery, equipment and course costs quick, convenient and affordable.  Stationery and subject costs for Orewa College courses can be purchased and paid for through the online and retail 'offer direct to parents and students' OfficeMax website.


You will find your child's courses listed on the 'Course Confirmation Letter' issued at the beginning of December from the school to all students' parents.


Now you're ready to go onto the OfficeMax website, complete the required student information and based on the year and courses you select, everything your student requires can be ordered online.  SImilarly, the school donations and year book can be conveniently paid through the same website.


We would encourage our parents and students to purchase throguh this offer as the school also benefits and your purchases allow us to re-invest the gains back into Orewa College.


Please note: You can order now but have your credit card debited and goods delivered in January.  Order by Friday 20 January 2017 to ensure delivery before school starts.


OfficeMax - Payment Options:

Purchases can be paid online with Visa, Mastercard or Internet Banking.  You also have the option to print and post (via freepost) a mail order with payment by cheque. Free delivery with any order over $57.50 incl. GST (conditions apply).  It also allows the parent / student to go into the OfficeMax Store at 93 Wairau Road, Glenfield. This store is set up during the Back to School period with all the school lists available and products required on the lists.  The store will have all your requirements available from 1 December 2016.


To visit the OfficeMax website please click here.  


Stationery Lists to Purchase Elsewhere:

If you wish to generate a stationery list, simply go to the OfficeMax website, click on the subjects your child is taking and the list will be created to print off.  It is simple and easy to use.



If a WINZ quite is required, you may obtain this through the Orewa College OfficeMax My School Website by going through the process of placing an order. Before you go to confirm the order, you can print a copy.  Another option is to go into the OfficeMax Glenfield retail store at 93 Wairau Road, Glenfield and the staff will be able to help you with the quote for WINZ.


Orewa College Account Office Hours:

The Orewa College Accounts Office will be open between 8.15am and 3.45pm to accept payments during term time in 2017.  In 2017 we are open before school starts on Tuesday 24 January to Thursday 26 January 2017 and then reopen on Tuesday 31 January 2017.